Professor Andrew Harding

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Senior Consultant

Andrew Harding is Visiting Research Professor of Law at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies, National
University of Singapore (NUS). He is recognised as a leading scholar in comparative constitutional law with special reference to South East Asia, Asian legal traditions, and law and development. At NUS, he has been Director of the Centre for Asian Legal Studies, Director of the Asian Law Institute, and Chief Editor of the Asian Journal of Comparative Law.

Professor Harding has made extensive contributions to scholarship having published 22 books as an
author or editor. He is co-founding-editor of Hart Publishing’s book series ‘Constitutional Systems of the
World’, a major resource for contextual analysis of constitutional systems, and has authored books on
Thailand and Malaysia in that series. Just to name a few, his recent books and contributions include:

  • Constitutionalism and Legal Change in Myanmar (2017);
  • Constitutional Courts in Asia: A Comparative Study (2018);
  • Thai Legal History (2021); and
  • Constitutionalism and Development: A Mismatch or a Dream Team" in the Law and Development Review (2019)

His 2019 article mentioned above on the sustainable development goals received wide attention.
Professor Harding has also been invited to provide expert legal opinions and was recently deposed as an
expert witness on Myanmar law in the case of Jane Doe v Meta Platforms in the District Court, Oakland,
California, 9 June 2022.

Professor Harding’s work with M. Ravi Law will span across Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and he is involved in our ESG Asia law team.

When not doing the above, Professor Harding has taken a keen liking to writing & publishing novels.

Watch a video here between M. Ravi and Professor Haring from 2021 on “Thai Courts and Do They Protect
Your Rights?”.