Establishing NGO/INGO

The past few years have especially seen International NGOs become increasingly active in the region, expanding their footing beyond emergency relief and humanitarian aid to a variety of sectors such as education, health, and environment.

From a legal standpoint, establishing an NGO or an INGO is a significant undertaking involving substantial legal obligations. Implementing these obligations can be a convoluted and time-consuming process and may lead to severe consequences if not conducted under appropriate legal guidance.

Renowned for their work in human rights, rule of law, including in NGO advisory matters our founder and senior consultants are highly sought after in advising NGOs and INGOs. Together, we will help you navigate through the registration process of NGOs/INGOs and systematically take you through the steps needed to meet your necessary legal obligations. We have also helped in the setup of social enterprises.

Our core team includes:

M. Ravi
Sor Rattanamanee Goergoraon
UK Ling

You can expect timely advice from our team on the ins and outs of setting up an NGO/INGO, including the regulatory framework, procedures for registration, and your continuing obligations. Call us on +95 9886855591 or email at to find out more about how our team will support you in your NGO/INGO journey.