This Doing Business in Myanmar Guide is designed to introduce the fundamentals of investing in Myanmar. It tries to capture the most salient topics that any interested investor would like to know about venturing into the country. Recent legislation, such as the Foreign Investment Law and New Companies Law, among other economic reforms continue to advance the country’s economic development. Myanmar has market opportunities in nearly every sector, including energy, healthcare, financial services, franchising, infrastructure, transportation, telecommunications, professional services, agriculture and tourism.

Intended to cover as many topics as broadly as possible, please do contact us if you have specific or additional questions we can assist you with or if you wish you discuss your business plans with us.

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    Civil Society in Myanmar: International Non-governmental organizations/ Non-governmental organizations (INGOs/NGOs)

    Myanmar recognizes the International Non-governmental Organization Forum as an official INGO coordinating body that aims to influence the effectiveness and coherence of humanitarian relief and development assistance in Myanmar. INGO Forum members are committed to ensuring a better standard of living for all people in Myanmar by tackling poverty and promoting peace and prosperity. Myanmar … read more

    Enshrining Intellectual Property Rights: Trademark Law in Myanmar

    Source of the Law The Union Parliament of Myanmar finally passed the Myanmar Trademark Law on 30th January 2019 (Law No. 3/2019). It will be enforced on a date to be stipulated in a Notification to be issued by the President of Myanmar. The government is currently working on the establishment of the administrative bodies … read more

    E-Commerce Businesses in Myanmar – An Overview

    E-Commerce Businesses in Myanmar – An Overview There are thousands of purely e-commerce businesses online in Myanmar that operate through various marketplace platforms and social media sites such as Facebook. It is believed that the numbers grow by the day and though the government is supportive of such ventures and understands its importance in the … read more

    Snapshot: Myanmar’s Industrial Zone Law 2020

    There are twenty chapters in this law and the titles are as follows. Name and interpretation Objective Formation of Central Committee and its duties Formation of Regional Committee and its duties Formation of Regional Committee and its duties Stipulation of Industrial Zone Establishment of Industrial Zone Fund Raising, Maintenance and Use Powers and duties of … read more