International Trade

Globalization brings cultures closer. It also brings businesses from different legal systems together to be part of a growing international supply chain ecosystem comprising manufacturers, importers, exporters, and end-users, among others. Additionally, globalization allows countries to expand their markets for both goods and services that otherwise may not have been available domestically.

To help you realize your business goals, we are here to support you in steering through international trade laws and regulations. To this end, we will guide you to ensure that your business stays compliant with the relevant trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties in the region. We will also endeavour to make sure that your obligations are met, and your opportunities are optimized.

Our core team includes:

M. Ravi
Pakpoom Vetvitayanuwat
UK Ling

Our team will gladly assist you with trade financing options, commodity and freight contracts, international sale distribution agreements, and the drafting and reviewing terms and conditions of trade for all parties in the supply chain. Would you like more information? Call us on +95 9886855591 or email at to discuss.