Constitutional & International Human Rights

Being found and led by an international human rights lawyer as well as being supported by a senior team comprising of other constitutional law and human rights law consultants, it is inevitable that we are consistently sought after for the vast variety of constitutional rights work that we do in all the countries that we operate in.

Some examples of work include:

  • The rights of LGBT persons
  • Death Penalty & Capital Punishment 
  • Freedom from torture cases
  • The right to legal representation
  • Protection of intellectually disabled persons in and out of prison
  • The protection of minorities and the provision of equality principles 
  • Asylum cases
  • Media freedom and issues involving the right to free speech
  • The UNHRC’s newly established universal right to a healthy environment

Our core team includes:

Professor Andrew Harding
Kyaw Min San
Than Zaw Aung
Sor Rattanamanee Goergoraon

We understand that a lot of the work we do under this is sensitive and sometimes highly volatile. You can reach us on +95 9886855591 or to discuss your constitutional rights in a confidential and safe environment.