Infrastructure and Real Estate Law (including Conveyancing)

At M. Ravi Law, we understand land and property, whether that be for infrastructure development, commercial purchases or leasing or buying property for private residential use.

Whether you operate in the real estate sector (residential, commercial, or industrial) or the infrastructure sector (rail, roads, hospitals, schools, energy, or other resources), and whether your project or transaction is simple or complex, we are equipped with the appropriate expertise to help you navigate your way in a commercially viable manner.

Among other things, our team understands the commercial risks involved in infrastructure and real estate transactions. To maximize our support to you, we take pride in leveraging our various practice area strengths to provide you with the well-rounded and end-to-end advice that you will need. This includes guiding you on how to complete your investment deals in your chosen jurisdiction and supporting you through the legal framework, acquisitions and leases, finances, and other transactions.

We also advise building contractors throughout the construction process, from bidding to (if required) claims-handing. Moreover, our specialized expertise in drafting strategic agreements and other documentations for real estate and infrastructure projects means that you will be supported at every stage of your project. For more information about the range of advice that we offer in this area, call us on +95 9886855591 or email at for a chat about this.