Our Channel

Our Channel

The M.R Law Channel carries news from regional law practices across the region where we are based. We are excited to pioneer this unique initiative to connect with clients and people around the world. The scope of our Channel will be wide and far-reaching and will cover the full range of legal topics of interest to our clients. Our special programmes include news features and interactive segments with a dynamic range of industry leaders and prominent personalities, civil society leaders and business enterprises.

Below is a list of some of our videos:

Our Inaugural Launch Video

Channel K Broadcast (M. Ravi Law – Myanmar)

Inaugural launch of M. Ravi Law Channel and our Myanmar Business Guide

M. Ravi Law’s mission statement along with its vision. (Myanmar)

Community Awareness message on the locust storms that are affecting the region.

Launch of Personal Website (M. Ravi)

A short documentary about M. Ravi as he travels to Malaysia to visit the father of death row inmate, Cheong Chun Yin

Al Jazeera documentary on the case of a Yong Vui Kong, a young Malaysian convicted for drug trafficking in Singapore

An interview between M. Ravi and Professor Andrew Harding on “Thai Courts and Do They Protect Your Rights?”

If you would like to get involved with our channel to showcase and discuss cutting edge legal issues, please get in touch with our May Eaindra Soe,  our Business Development executive.