Arbitration & Other Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms such as mediation and expert determination offer parties a degree of flexibility and are a popular and cost-effective method for settling disputes among parties today. They also keep disputes out of the traditional court system, thereby providing parties a non-litigious option to resolve their dispute.

As the use of arbitration is a very common clause in today’s modern contracts, business agreements, sale of goods, and other commercial transactions, both our international and local clients benefit from the fact that our team is well-versed in ADR.

For instance, our lawyers are adept at handling complex ADR matters, including in all aspects of international arbitration, from drafting relevant clauses to providing advice on the type and location of the arbitration, arbitral procedure, and enforcement of the award.

Our team is also experienced in the other ADR methods of mediation and expert determinations and will advise on the particular option best suited to your needs. If you would like further information on how we can help you through ADR, call us on +95 9886855591 or email at